October 19

Reflection week 2 term 4

I enjoyed art on Thursday because we weaved wool through straws to make a bracelet. I turned mine into a blue and white book mark.

I am excited about swimming because I love it. My favorite part is diving.

This week I learnt that not all poems follow a pattern. It was great.

I want to know more about the Angalo-Aribian horse.

I feel very nervous about our science project. We have to put together a presontation about the solar system.

I liked the poems that we had to do. This is a cinquain(sin-kain):


stealthy, black

pouncing, hunting, hiding

a precious type of cat

big cat

I rate my week a 6/10 because my cat got bitten by a brown snake but she is all better.

Over all, it was a good week.




October 12

Reflection – week 1 term 4

My highlight of this week was art because we used textiles and Mr O told us we are going to be using textiles for all this term.

I learnt that a fixed poem follows a pattern.

My low light was waking up in the morning and my mum kept going to hospital.☹️

I rate my week a 6/10 because my mum kept going to hospital.

I wonder if I will be in the same swimming group as Ella?

I am looking forward to reading Alice-Miranda.

My goal is to attend choir all term.


September 1

Reflection week 7

I enjoyed art on Thursday because we didn’t have to do paper mache. We did Father’s Day boxes out of paddle pop sticks.

I didn’t enjoy the netball and football day at weeroona. The good netballers did the proper match and won! The footy people won as well! So Huntly got the footy trophy and netball trophy!

I am looking forward to the party today. We are going to watch pixels and have hot chips and lollies.


August 18

The Roads End

The Roads End is a short film. It was made in 2011 by Bri Meyer. Class 5/6B viewed this video.                                  Overall, I think The Roads End is a creepy and mysterious film.

A man was standing on the side of the road with an over turned car. Then another man comes and offers a lift.         Next the driver is distracted by the man. Go find out what happens next.

I enjoyed the back ground music. Also I thought it was interesting. I thought it was very well planned.                           But I don’t like it because it was a bit freaky and it was a bit boring.

In conclusion, I think The Roads End is a very freaky quick film. I think it should be just right for 7 and over.                   I rate it a 5/10.

So quick get out your device and watch it.



August 11

Reflection week 4

Hi everyone,

My favorite thing this week was art, because we did paper mache. For paper mache we are making piggy banks.

I learnt that perimiter is length + width + length + width.

I want to learn more about Ned Kelly.

Something I want to share about this week is that I like doing Humanities.

I rate this week a 7/10, because of art and science.

From Jem.